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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reds: Three Minor Leaguers for an All-Star

The Reds, in a stunning trade that must have some deeper plan to it, traded away their all-star third baseman Todd Frazier (who had become perhaps the most beloved player in Cincy) to the White Sox so they could send men to the Dodgers - who then sent three minor leaguers to the Reds.

Ummmm . . . Okay. There has to be some reasoning to that madness. Let's take a look at the minor leaguers the Reds brought in.

The most promising is Jose Peraza: Peraza is a hitter, but has not shown power in the minors. He has also been a base stealer. Last year he was ranked the Dodgers' #1 prospect. He has previously worked as a shortstop but now he is filling the second base slot. So, if the Reds develop an opening in their middle field he will be ready to take his shot.

Scott Schebler: Schebler is an outfielder who carried about a .250 batting average in both AAA and the 19 games he spent in the majors. His on base percentage was about .325 in the two levels; his OPS in AAA was .732 and during his short time in the majors it was a .825. A year back he was the #8 prospect in the Dodgers' organization.

Brandon Dixon: A second baseman in AA, Dixon had a .244 batting average, on base percentage of .272, and OPS of .647. Maybe he will develop, but if so he is a long term project.

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