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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bluefield Blue Jays


Orange Seats at the Blue Jays (were Orioles for over 50 years)

1. 600+ people. A pretty good size crowd for the Appalachian League on a Sunday night.
2.  The Bluefield Blue Jays were playing the Princeton Rays from 20 minutes down the road so there were fans from both sides.
3.  First time I've been to this stadium and actually seen people sitting in the formed plastic "box seats." Every year I come back expecting these to be replaced with at least folding wooden chairs - not that it matters much to me because they won't sell box seats to outsiders.
4.  The fans were having a fun night and the kids were chasing Birdie around the park all night.
5.  Both sides kept putting up a few runs here and there, but the Blue Jays also made a couple errors and lost by two in the end.

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