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Monday, July 24, 2017

Elizabethton Twins

The Annual Cow Milking Contest

1.  Go see the E.Twins before the M.Twins pull the plug at the end of the year.
2.  The City Council has finally agreed to put 1.5 million into the park and I hope it's not too little too late.
3.  Once again, I made it to the annual cow milking contest - Bluefield won this year - they had a ringer - although the cow showed her displeasure with Bluefield by having a quick evacuation as the players leapt away.
4. As has now happened 18 out of the 19 years they've had this contest, the team that won the milking contest won the game (Bluefield pretty much stomped 'em).
5. I love the old codgers yelling "Throw it over his head!" - "No, throw it in the dirt!" - "No! Throw it over his head!" at the opposing pitcher.
6. The older lady you can hear in the video was yelling all sorts of helpful advice to the players and coaches. At one point she really wanted the ETwins pitcher pulled and her voice rang out clear as a bell while she spent most of the inning telling the coach. Finally, another older lady turned from another part of the park: "Mary, if you want him gone so bad, why don't you go out there and pitch!"
7. Elizabethton is a great place to watch a game. I hope the Twins stay and I hope they don't screw with the layout out the fans' part of the stadium.

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