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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lake County Captains

"If you do right, is no defense."

And there it goes.

There must have been a different logo once upon a time.

1.  Self serve beer.
2.  Claimed attendance was over 3,100, but I'm not sure where 2,600 of them were.
3.  I sat in the outfield at the picnic tables, which was a pretty good spot.
4.  The game went back and forth, but the hometown heroes fell short by a run.
5.  I have now seen all the professional baseball teams in Ohio. The list now includes Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama (it had included North Carolina until two new teams were relocated there).
6.  And, of course, after two days of blessed silence, fireworks start up again.

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