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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bristol Pirates Playoffs Begin

Sorry for the bad pics. Forgot my camera and had to fall back on the phone.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Didn't get the guy at home, but fired it to first and looked like he got the guy at first, but not in the eyes of the ump.
Chasing the Pirate

The first game of the Appalachian league playoffs is played at the lower ranked team's stadium and the next two are at the higher. The Bristol fans are well aware of this and not particularly happy about it (they finished back .5 games). As I walked into the stadium the two guys behind me were griping because the umps stopped a game they thought they were going to win. "It was the ninth inning and there were two outs left. Smith and Jones were on base. I know there was lightning and all, but c'mon."

I made the mistake of sitting above the JC Cardinals bullpen and thus got to hear kids begging the players for balls. After about an inning and a half the pitchers developed sudden onset deafness and couldn't hear the kids ten feet away from them anymore. The kids started trying to get creative leading to a deep discussion on how to ask for a ball in Spanish. Unfortunately, un baseball por favor in a thick Appalachian accent didn't instantly cure the players' deafness. Not that that stopped the kids' begging.

The game was pretty good with teams alternating one point innings. The first video above was from the first inning when the Pirates tied it up. The second video above is from the three run eighth which put the Pirates up by two runs. Then the BPirates held off a Cardinal rally to win the first of three games for the Western Championship. Tonight they're playing in Johnson City (see first paragraph), but I shan't be there because I'm headed to Pulaski to watch the second game of the Eastern Championship.

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