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Sunday, September 8, 2019

York Revolution - Fighting for First

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Who knew? The Maryland Blue Crabs pitcher is a yard gnome.
Coming in.
Going out.
York's run touches home.
Nice Stadium.
Those stadiums with bubble castles are amateurs.
The York Revolution (the Revs) play in the middle of York. It has the normal problems with parking in a city and I ended up a couple blocks out. That's not too bad except as I walked up I went past two parking lots which were "reserved" and over half empty. Bah.

York is another Atlantic League team and it's only about forty-five minutes down the road from the Lancaster team. It's stadium is about the same generally, although I was impressed that the kiddie park in the stadium had an actual carousel and not the normal bubble castles. Again, the stadium felt like a AA stadium and the player's quality seemed somewhere above that level and approaching AAA. One of the tip-offs is the quality of the catchers. In many of the minor leagues stealing bases is about as easy as it is in little league. This was the second night in a row that I saw a precise throw from a catcher result in a runner being thrown out trying to steal second. The level of play combined with what seems to be a little more aggressive play than you see in affiliated ball makes this a fun league (at least from my two whole games' worth of observation).

Coming into the game, the York Revolution were on the top of the league's Freedom Division a couple games ahead of the Sugar Land Skeeters. This wasn't a night wherein it would increase their lead. In the 1st, the Revs scored first on a walk which was moved forward by a bunt and further moved forward when the first baseman threw to second and past it into the outfield. The runner on third was then moved home on a sacrifice fly. In the 2nd, the Blue Crabs got a single, ground rule double (bounced over center field wall), and sacrifice fly to tie the game. Then, in the 5th a Blue Crab got a double when his hard hit ball deflected off the shortstop's glove and dribbled into no man's land in center field. A sac fly got the quick base runner to third. A blooping single to right field scored the man on third. With that, all the scoring was done and the game got played out two a home team loss 1-2.

Folks, if you are anywhere near an Atlantic League game, I advise going. Heck, I'd advise buying season tickets.

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