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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Train Trip '22 Day 3

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Beautiful way to wake up.

A train tunnel.

Sacramento Station.

Sacramento Station from the actual place you embark / debark Amtrak. I had been warned earlier that it was a quarter mile distance, but I was told there was a shuttle. There wasn't. Got there over 4 hours late and had to ruck march to and eventually from the station.

No air conditioning. Fans blowing constantly. Acoustics so bad that even if the fans weren't blowing you couldn't understand the announcements. Video signs warning what to do if there is an attack (Run, Hide, Fight). A tiny "lounge" for sleeping car passengers which had comfy couches and some snacks but was soon packed and too hot for comfort. I napped in the main room.

The federal courthouse next door.

I went out into Sacramento to look for supper. I found a mostly abandoned outdoor mall across the street from the station. I walked about six blocks out without finding any open restaurant (it was a Monday). I turned back when I hit the homeless encampments, saw a lady washing herself in front of the Sacramento library, and hit a local park which was filled with homeless people just hanging out. By that time dusk was starting and I turned around and went back to the station. Luckily, doordash works in Sacramento.

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