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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Smattering of Talent: Reds

At the end of last month, MLB Pipeline published its best prospect at each position lists and its top 100 is up also. What follows are the smattering of Reds prospects who are in it. It starts with how high they are ranked at their position, followed by where they fall in the top 100 and then the number of their ranking in Baseball America's top team prospects.  Thereafter come some pertinent stats and any notes of what little impression I have of the player.

Right Handed Pitcher

7 of 10 (35 in 100) [1] - Robert Stephenson: (2015: AA/AAA) Best 3 pitches - fastball, changeup, curve - era: 3.83

Left Handed Pitcher

7 of 10 (66 in 100) [2] - Cody Reed: (2015: A+/AA - Traded from Royals) Best 2 pitches - fastball, slider - era: 2.41

9 of 10 (69 in 100) [3] - Amir Garrett: (2015: A+) Best 2 pitches - fastball, slider - era: 2.44


5 of 10 [4] - Tyler Stephenson: (2015: R - Drafted out of High School)  BA: .268 SLG: .361 OBP: .352 [good first year - probably a several year project]

2nd Base

2 of 10 (71 in 100) [BA lists him as MLB] - Jose Peraza (2015 AAA - Traded from Atlanta to LA and later LA to Cincy) BA: .293 SLG: .378 OBP: .316 [obviously has the skills, but keeps getting blocked out of MLB and it’s happening again since the Reds did not trade their 2nd baseman as they obviously planned to]


10 of 10 (34 in 100) [5] - Jesse Winker (2015: AA) BA: .282 SLG: .433 OBP: .390 [apparently had a schizophrenic 2015, doing poorly in the first half and really well in the second]

Except for Jose Peraza, all of these seem to be mid to long term projects. I feel sorry for Jose, who probably should already filling a roster slot in the MLB, but just can't get somewhere that has an opening. The Reds obviously thought they were going to move Brandon Phillips and got Peraza as the next great thing. And then Phillips decided to stay and Peraza gets to continue to stagnate in AAA.

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