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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Asheville Tourists

If you're going to watch the Tourists, splurge for the "Bojangles Dugout Suites." They cost about $30, but they are the best seats in the house. They built these as additions carved out of the field between the dugout and home plate and behind the net you sit at a bar table as close as you could possibly be to the action. Meanwhile, they give you free food and drinks throughout the ballgame. However, a word to the wise, daytime games here have no shade. A daytime game in April is great; a daytime game in August is like sitting on the face of the sun (made that mistake last year).

The game I went to was between the Tourists and the Greenville Drive. In a lot of small ball, the Drive drove two runs across the plate in both the second and third innings. Meanwhile, the Tourists managed to put a run across in the 2nd and another in the 8th, culminating in a 4-2 Tourists lost.

The Gunslinger
The Tourists' shortstop stood out defensively starting early in the game when he went to his right to grab a grounder, leapt into the air, spun, and shot a laser beam to first for the out. The rest of the game wasn't quite that spectacular, but he clearly controlled his zone.

All-in-all, it was a good game seen from a great seat. Sure, Asheville's stadium could use some updates. However, it's still a solid, enjoyable experience - especially if you splurge for the good seats.

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