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Saturday, July 8, 2017

West Virginia Black Bears

Water pooled on astro-turf field getting ready to be squeegeed.

Cooper (the mascot) wearing the jersey they were auctioning off.

1.  The game started an hour and five minutes late because of rain.
2.  Water pooled on the astroturf and didn't sink in after the rain ended. They had to go over the field with push brooms and squeegees to spread it out to evaporate.
3.  The coach for the Black Bears looked like he took some real convincing before he agreed to play on the field.
4.  The Black Bears were struggling until the 6th inning when the Batavia Muckdogs fell apart. Passed balls, absolutely missed easy infield pop-ups, and just nightmarishly bad play all around led to 6 runs and a permanent lead for the Black Bears.
5.  The crowd was over 2,300 and they stayed for the hour delay and had a blast during the game.
6.  The Black Bears ran away with a 9 - 3 win.

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