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Sunday, August 27, 2017


The NASL Soccer Ball

The guy on the right just spent 5 minutes telling the linesman about himself because said linesman didn't call a mugging that resulted in NY Cosmos scoring their second goal.

The NASL's recap of the game.

1. Nice stadium that looks like it might seat 10k+ and probably had somewhere near 4k in attendance.
2. If you go, spend the extra money for the on the field seating. It is a great way to watch a match (and they bring your concessions to you - always a plus).
3. Yet another soccer game I went to or watched ended in a tie (I'm American; we say tie not draw). No matter how good the game is this is one of the flaws that only a soccer fanatic can claim to love.
4. I will say, however, that scoring the tying goal at 90 minutes made this most exciting tie I've seen.
5.  What does it say about soccer in the USA when the kids outside tailgating with their parents were throwing footballs around and nary a soccer ball was in sight? This is North Carlina. They aren't even good enough to get into the SEC, so you wouldn't expect as many football zombies. And, for those of you who would point to the Panthers, I stand by my statement.
6. The worst part was getting out. For some reason the local police directing traffic would not let me turn right coming out of the stadium. It got me lost because I didn't know where that led to, my phone app kept calming repeating that I needed to do a U-turn, and the idiot kids behind me screamed and honked because I was driving slow while I tried to figure out things like the speed limit and where the heck I was. I eventually got far enough away that my phone app gave up trying to turn me around and sent me through back roads to get to my hotel. There was no obvious reason for forcing cars leaving to take a left turn other than arbitrary choice and convenience for the guy directing traffic. I watched traffic get waved past going from my left to my right in a lane that was clearly open for traffic before being forced to drive across that lane to go left. It left a slightly bitter taste at the end of an otherwise excellent experience. 
7. Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I have to admit that if NCFC was closer than 6 hours away they'd probably be getting a fair amount of my money. I recommend the experience to anyone who even slightly enjoys the sport. Friendly staff, a good stadium, and a fun game is a hard combination to beat.

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