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Monday, August 7, 2017

Princeton Rays

Maybe, but the pews look a little empty.
I think the runner aspires to be an ump.
Pitcher: Uniform Clean.
Shortstop: Uniform Not So Clean.
What do the umps do between every inning?

1. The day after the Yankees played a wonderful game, the Rays stomped them 10-2.
2. Nice older stadium, but I think the bleachers might actually be better than the elevated reserved seats behind the plate.
3. How do I get seated in the area underneath the reserved seats with picnic tables? It's probably the best place to watch the game in the stadium.
4. Before you buy the typical stadium fare, ask about the special because they have actual real food meals for decent prices (too late for me, I'd already bought a hot dog and fries before I learned better).
5. They have kids walking the entire stadium taking your specific order (even in the bleachers).
6. Strikes were sponsored by the local bowling alley.
7. It was enjoyable, but I doubt there were 300 people in the stadium and that's a shame.

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