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Monday, August 7, 2017

Pulaski Yankees

The MonsterWall in Right.

Not sure what the Jays coach is selling, but the Yankees coach ain't buying.
"This is a baseball."

Yankees score the go ahead run.

1. Pulaski is one of my favorite fields. It's hard to describe, but the owner took an old municipal field where people brought their own lawn chairs to sit in into a really nice little stadium and had to get pretty dang creative to get there.
2. The Yankees and Jays were tied for first in the East when this game began and both teams played like they knew it.
3. I want to see a home run over that right field fence.
4. The Blue Jays' catcher has a cannon for an arm and an accurate one at that. If he can bat we'll be seeing more of this guy at higher levels.
5. The game went down to the wire and when the top of the 9th ended the Jays had men on second and third.
6. This was the fastest game I've been to this year and I'm not sure why. It was well played, hard fought, and ended at about 2:20.
7. The Yankees won 3-1.

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