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Monday, April 15, 2019

Salem Red Sox: The Comedy of Errors Continues

I left something out about yesterday's post about the zombie apocalypse at the Salem Red Sox's stadium: the reason I got there 10 minutes before the gates opened. You see, I thought I was going to have a hard time getting in. I'd bought two tickets, but I didn't have them. I'd ordered them to mailed to me on THE NINTH OF MARCH:

And, yes, I did take out the part with my credit card info on it. Y'all seem to be perfectly nice folks, but you ain't getting my credit card numbers. Anyway, note at the top that I was so polite in ordering these tickets that I made the order at 4 a.m. so the good folks in Salem would have even that entire day added on to those it needed to send me my tickets.

However, by THE FOURTH OF APRIL, when I left for my trip I had no tickets. None. Nada. Nary a one. That was fine. I would just use the electronic version and let the nice folks at the park scan my phone like they do everywhere else.

Only, when I tried to do that or anything else which would give me access to my tickets the Salem website stopped me cold. So I showed up early to try to fix this before the game started. And, of course, ran into the zombie apocalypse.

I didn't include it in yesterday's post because it would have propped tipped the whining scales a little too far and I wasn't sure they hadn't arrived with me misplacing them and mail can simply go off track some times. So, I bore this terrible burden in silence.

Then, I got to my office today and found two pieces of mail on my desk. One was an advertisement from the Salem Red Sox exhorting me to come to opening night. The other was - you guessed it - my tickets (which came in a will call envelope inside a postal envelope along with random advertisements).

If I'm reading the postmark on that envelope correctly (click on the picture to enlarge), the tickets were mailed from Greensboro(?) on THE THIRD OF APRIL at 4 p.m. and I think the fact there is no zip code in the stamp and it has an "L" means it was designated as local mail. Don't hold me to most of that; the only thing I'm absolutely sure of is that it was mailed on THE THIRD OF APRIL.

By the time that wound its way through the postal service and arrived, I'd already been to watch the Chattanooga Lookouts, maybe the Knoxville Ice Bears, and possibly even the Carolina Thunderbirds.

Ordered on the NINTH OF MARCH and mailed on the THIRD OF APRIL. That's a delay of TWENTY-SIX days.

It's a shame. I had great memories of going to a game in Salem a couple years back. Now, I'm dubious. TWENTY-SIX days to mail the tickets; not that it mattered, the stadium was abandoned when I got there without my tickets. All around fail.

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