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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Louisville Bats : Poppies!

I ended up at the Louisville Bats on Memorial Day. Like most places, they had a hard time understanding that it isn't Veteran's Day, but they were all wearing poppies which made me wonder if I might have wandered into Canada for a minute.

Poppy on umpire's hat.

First run from Toledo Mud Hens. Note the poppy on the uniform.

Steal attempt. Didn't make it.

Looks empty because everyone was hiding in the shade.







The game started at 2 pm on Memorial Day. The Toledo Mud Hens jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first three innings. While the Bats seemed to be swinging for the fences and failing, the Mud Hens seemed to be engaging in flatter swings that put more people on base and moved them across the bases. But it might have been that the Mud Hens had a good read on the Bats' pitcher because once he got subbed out things changed.

The Hens' pitcher stayed in too long (typical in minor league ball) and the Bats boomed in the sixth inning taking a 6-5 lead and then scored in each of the remaining innings. In the end they win 10-6. From the sixth inning on their higher angle swings were working.

Then came the ever so fun five hour drive home.

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