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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Appalachian League Goodies

The Appalachian League start of season is just around the corner and as usual, I will try to go to each some time this summer. The only question is when. If I have to spend a couple hours in my car, one of the major factor in when I'll go to certain parks is when they'll give me something as I walk in the gate. With that in mind, here is a list of all the giveaways the Appalachian Leaguers have up on their websites.

Kingsport Mets

Every Saturday - Unnamed giveaways to an unspecified number of people (yes I know the odds are it'll be pretty minor stuff but you never know for certain unless you go).
13 July - T-shirt
24 August - Jeff McNeil Bobblehead

Danville Braves

18 June - Foam tomahawk
01 July - Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. poster
27 July - Ozzie Albies Bobblehead
17 August - Hippie Blooper Bobblehead 

Burlington Royals

24 June - T-shirt
26 June - T-shirt
13 July - T-shirt
18 July - T-shirt
15 August - T-shirt

Pulaski Yankees

29 June - Gary Martin Bobblehead (celebrating their groundskeeper's 50th year)
13 July - Calf-E Bobblehead (mascot)
20 July - Replica Trolley Giveaway (copy of the trolley which ferries people from parking)
21 July - Ken Griffey Sr. Appearance
10 August - Isiah Gilliam Bobblehead (Yankee prospect)

Princeton Rays

Nothing Listed

Bluefield Blue Jays

13 July - One (1) flat screen TV giveaway
30 July - T-shirt
01 August - Free Hat
08 August - Free Bucket Hat
09 August - T-shirt

Bristol Pirates

Nothing Listed

Elizabethton Twins

Nothing Listed

Johnson City Cardinals

29 June - Andrew Knizner Bobblehead
30 June - T-shirt
28 July - T-shirt
02 August - Steve Spurrier Bobblehead (huh?)
11 August - T-shirt
24 August - Light Saber

Greeneville Reds

29 June - Jonathan India Bobblehead 
03 August - Mr. Redlegs Bobblehead
04 August - Player Card Set
11 August - T-shirt
24 August - Yasiel Puig Bobblehead

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