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Monday, July 16, 2018

G-Reds at K-Mets 13 July 18

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Ricky Karcher
Willy Taveras
Jonathan India

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Pulaski Yankees on the 4th of July

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They spent a lot of time with the Yankees coach describing something behind home plate. It looked like he was talking about the box up in the back. Maybe he was bragging about his stadium being better than theirs?

Luis Gil
Gilmael Troya
Max Burt

They have big plans for the future in Pulaski. If you talk to some of the more fervent fans, they are convinced that Pulaski can grab a single-A team eventually.

What the stadium looks like now. They've put a lot of work and money in so far, but they've got a way to go before it conforms to the picture.

 Right field is only 301 feet and can't go any further because it backs up onto a road. They compensated by raising the wall waaaaaaaay up into the sky.

 Be careful if you buy tickets in 2C. Online, I bought a front row seat, but when I got to the stadium there was a row in front of me where fans weren't allowed to sit. It was annoying to think I had bought a front row seat and find out I had one in the second row.
Mind you, the second row seats were mighty comfortable. The empty season ticket holder seats next to me. Sadly, many people were missing this night because the Pulaski Yankees weren't allowed to have fireworks after the game because they had suburban areas around the field. Which, OF COURSE, meant that somewhere about the 6th inning all sorts of fireworks started going off from all directions and it felt like that we were under siege.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Greeneville Reds (First Home Sunday)

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Jacob Heatherly pitched a solid first few innings.

Jonathan Willems tags one.

Johnnie Schneider in relief.

Max Wotell in relief.

Rylan Thomas got his first hit in pro ball Sunday (a double) - this pic and the ones that follow are the next hit - a home run.