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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Best Pics - The Way Back

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El Paso, Texas:
St. Louis:

Somewhere in Illinois:

Chicago Train Station - The Great Hall:

I'm fairly certain the statue on the left is Minerva and I think the one on the right is Mercury.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Touristing in Monterey

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Pacific Grove: And baby makes three - As I walked down to the local bakery to get breakfast, I saw these seagulls being good parents.

Monterey: The Aquarium - It was hard to get good pics in the aquarium because of the glass and the lighting being used, but I did get some.

The puffins and the penguins did not look happy to be there and their display cages looked entirely too small to my untrained eye.

I don't remember what I was trying to take a pic of, but this guy was bound and determined that he was going to be the subject of my pictures. He swam by every time and I got some really sharp pics of him.

Sadly, when the otters were active I was at the bottom of the tank. It was fun watching them dive and swim although those pics turned out horrible. I swear they were mugging for the crowd. By the time I got to the top viewing area later in the day only this guy was out in view and he was plain tuckered.

The walk to Fisherman's Wharf. It started on Cannery Row and turned into a walk down a path near the beach.

A seal sleeping on a rock.

In fact, three seals sleeping on rocks.

This was hilarious. The sign was in a place where there was no way to retreat upland. It was a walking path with beach to the front and a wall/embankment on the other side. If you ran forward a few hundred feet you could get off the path and be surrounded by lots of pretty flat land. I guess, depending on the strength and height of the tsunami, you could get into the nearby hotel, get to the top floor, and pray. All-in-all, if you need this warning it's too late.

Fisherman's Wharf: Part of the whole Steinbeck tourism shtick. Nothing here has anything to do with the fishing industry anymore except for the many restaurants on the pier and the whale tours at the far end. I think I went here twice thirty years ago when the Army had me stationed at the Presidio and now I've gone a third time.

Best Pics on the Way

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 The first few are from California:


Pics from Colorado:

Pics from New Mexico: