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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Montgomery Biscuits

Yes, it's a dumb name, The receptionist at my hotel even commented on how much the locals hated it at first and then kind of learned to live with it. And, when you get to the stadium you don't see a whole lot of the locals wearing anything with the biscuit mascot on it. You see a lot of the "B" hats and less often the hats the the "M" and the biscuit peeking over top of it, but I'm not sure I saw any of the hats with the full on biscuit which were prominent at the souvenir store actually being worn by anyone. Personally, I was disappointed that the on the field mascot was some sort of aardvark and not a biscuit.

Anyway, the park is very nice. It's a solid AA stadium which had about 40% of the concessions shut down the night I was there, but it was a Monday with a moderate crowd so that was understandable. It looked like when they open it up full throttle this can be a really good park. I like the fact that it I like the fact that it has grass you can sit on in the outfield. The people were all very nice and there was a reasonable variety of different ballpark food - including actual biscuits - much of which was in kiosks around the main entrance. An interesting thing about the field is that there seems to be a railroad switchyard out behind left field. Many times during the night you could hear trains passing, but the only time the track right behind the field was in use was shortly before the game.

As for the game itself, the Biscuits were playing the Jacksonville Suns and looked pretty good for the first couple innings as they drove a run across in the 1st and 2nd innings with some extra-base hits. In the 4th, the Suns tied it with a two run homer, but the Biscuits took the lead back with a single run homer of their own. Unfortunately, a fielding error, a triple, and a single put the Suns up for good in the next inning and the rest of the innings were zeroes across the board.

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