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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Buies Creek at Campbell University

While waiting for their new stadium in Fayetteville, the Astros have A+ team has been housed at Campbell University (The Fighting Camels). This is their second and final year there, so I made a trip down to catch a game.

The BC Astros only had one of their mothership's top prospects playing at center field, Ronnie Dawson (#21 Baseball America). On this night he did well enough on defense, but went 0/4 in at bats.

More interestingly, the Salem Red Sox had their #6 prospect pitching, Darwinzon Hernandez. He made it thru 5+ innings with 6 strike outs, 3 walks, and 2 hits with 1 earned run. He has an interesting delivery which appears to do a good job of hiding the ball at the beginning of his throw, but leaves him off balance and bouncing backward at the end of the pitch. It wasn't pretty, but he was effective. Below is an view of his style (amalgamated from a couple pitches).
click on picture to enlarge
Of note, the BC Astro's starting pitcher kept pace with his opposite. Carson LaRue went 5 innings, got 6 strike outs, gave up 1 walk, 4 hits, and 0 runs.
In the end, after the two starting pitchers left Salem's offense proved too much for BC. The two other prospects on Salem didn't do much at bat (Netzer[#18] 1/4 hits, 0 BB, 0 SO - Dalbec[#16] 0/4, 1 BB, 3 SO). The most impressive hit was a homerun by Chris Madera (center fielder). The final score was Salem 4 - BC 2.


He's off!
The Ump intervenes in the discussion over who's buying the beer tonight.

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