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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looking Like Minor League Soccer

So, the baseball season is over (for the minors) and I'm casting about for something else to do. Next weekend looks like there may be a trip to Louisville to watch Louisville City FC (so named because soccer fans get heartburn every time that someone comes up with an original name that might not sound vaguely Euro). LFC is in a second round playoff match for the United Soccer League championship and it is against the Charleston Battery. USL playoffs play a single game elimination format, so go now if you are interested.

LFC was formerly in Orlando, Florida and I'm pretty sure the ugly color scheme (purple and yellow) migrated to Louisville with the team, but the rather generic shield has what I suspect is supposed to be the Louisville skyline and a fleur de lis (prominent on Louisville's city seal). They play in the Louisville Bat's stadium and I'm not sure how that works out when they lay down the soccer field, but I suspect it limits the availability of good seats. Still, I think it would be cool to go see a game.

I didn't make it to any minor league soccer games this year, but next year I may try to mix more of them in - particularly since I think I've gotten to every minor league baseball team within easy driving distance.

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