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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Appalachian League Playoffs at Pulaski

Click on picture to enlarge.
4 umpires in a 2 umpire league.
Watching the game from the free seats.
Looks like he's stopping just before the cliff.
If do right, no can defense.
He may not make it in baseball, but the Bolshoi is waiting in the wings.

Honest! The fish was this big!
Rounding 3rd and heading for home.
Wrestling stance? Dancing?
The Pulaski Yankee taking advantage of his natural camouflage.
The Burlington Royal taking advantage of his natural camouflage.
Camouflage? Who needs camouflage?
I don't think the ump believes the score.
So, on day one of the Appalachian League's Eastern Playoffs in Burlington the Royals beat the Pulaski Yankees 6-0. Turnabout being fair play, the Yankees returned the favor last night. It was a pretty tight game until the Yankees decided they were going to score one run an inning starting in the 5th. There was only one homerun in the entire game which meant there was a lot of small ball and it was fun to watch. Tonight's the final game of the series (again in Pulaski). Unfortunately, I'll be Lynchburg watching the Hillcats.

BTW, they continue to add onto the stadium. Unfortunately, they have way too much netting around the field - to the point that if you're sitting in the cool bar seating on the first base side it can make it difficult to see what's going on at the plate. I'm surprised they don't have any up above the outfield fence; after all, it does border a road. Otherwise, the stadium is impressive. And they are still building on. At this rate, in a few years they'll be adding a dome. If you're going, buy the cheapest seat you can and then grab one of the seats on the bar next to the field.

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