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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lake Erie Crushers

With Stomper (I'm the one on the right)

Right fielder chasing the ball that bounced over for a ground rule double and now belongs to me.

No clue what the argument was about, but the Otters' outfielders were asking each other how the batter wasn't thrown out of the game.

The bullpen at every ballpark is always so engrossed in the game.


1.  Nice park both inside and out.
2.  I really wanted to buy a hat, but it was the day after the 4th and they'd sold out until they get a new shipment on the 18th (when I'll be in Virginia).
3.  Stomper, the mascot, met everybody at the gate and went out of his way to hunt me up during the game too.
4.  The entire field was astroturf. I think all the Frontier League must be except for Evansville.
5. The 5th of July never has a monster crowd anywhere (except maybe Dayton), but there were a decent amount of people present and they seemed to be really into it.
6.  I like the new purple color scheme. It makes more sense and is much funner.
7.  It was "Sensory Friendly Night" so all the constant noise put out during most ballgames was not present. They announced batters, did the national anthem, and sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", but other than that they avoided all the music and crowd firing-up sounds that are constantly blaring out of the speakers in a regular game. It was great. More parks should try this.
8. I GOT A BALL!!!! Not just some mere foul ball either - it was a ground rule double. And I scampered after the dang thing like I was a ten year old kid (still only got it because nobody was nearby - not kidding myself about being able to outrun a mob of ball-chasing kids).
9.  Wish I live closer than seven hours away so I could come back.

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